Lava A10 - Mobile Touchscreen Smart Phone

Lava A10 - Mobile Touchscreen Smart Phone

The A10 is a new washing stylish mobile phone with a large 3-inch touch screen complete. It is the first touch phone Lava. 

This is a dual SIM card GSM mobile phone. Lava A10 does not have high-speed connections options such as 3G or WiFi, but you can use EDGE / GPRS for Internet access.

 It is one of the cheapest prices 3-inch touch screen mobile phone on the market with a good quality screen and camera 3.2 mega-pixel. It has a battery backup long 1400mAh battery powered.

Lava A10 is the main platform for mobile phones with in-plane switching (IPS) LCD display with crisp bright display. It (IPS) is the same LCD display technology used in the popular Apple iPad tablet. IPS-display shows the wider viewing angle that the phone can be in many ways, without any significant problems viewing angle.


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